Lumise version 1.7: Add-ons management, Lumise theme and more

We have just released version 1.7 (Woocommerce version). Lumise version 1.7 is the big update with many new features.

What’s new in the updated version 1.7?

  • Variable product
  • Add-ons management, allow more customization via add-ons
  • Includes the Lumise theme in the package
  • Improve print design

1. Variable product

In this version, we support the variable product. It allows you to create variable products with Lumise.

2. Add-ons management, allow more customization via add-ons

This is a new feature that lets you write Lumise add-ons through Lumise’s filter and hook. A great thing is that your custom code will not be affected by your plugin update. In the next few weeks, we also released some add-ons.

  • Setting APIs for images resources (in case don’t want to use images from Lumise servers)
  • Attribute Custom
  • Tour
  • And more …

3. Lumise theme

We have received a lot of questions and feedback on the theme that Lumise is using. So we decided to build a theme for Lumise like our demo. It will come with the package when you buy Lumise. This is the theme for minimalist style. It is built on a pretty popular plugin Kingcomposer. It is a site builder with very fast and lightweight features.

4. Improve print design

Currently, many customers use PDFs for print design. We discussed and improved export to PDF. In this version, you can export PDFs with high quality. You can zoom in or out and the quality will not change.

lumise version 1.7

We also add px units. You can export the design with the px unit. We removed the tab File > Download and you can download anything with the Print tab.

lumise version 1.7

You can also set the file size when downloading in the backend.

This is changelogs in this update Hope new features in the Lumise 1.7 update that will be useful to you.

If you have any question please contact us via email [email protected] or Our page